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Here you'll find on-campus and local resources, as well as information on a variety of topics related to neurodiversity. There is plenty to explore: strengths identification tools, self-assessment links, technology and apps, books and videos, and a blog full of tips and links!

If you'd like to contribute a link, resource, or blog post, please submit your idea to: neurodiversity@uconn.edu.

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Neurodiversity at UConn celebrates the strengths and potential of a wide variety of differently wired brains.
Some examples of the cognitive variations that fall under the neurodiversity umbrella are anxiety, autism, ADHD,
depression, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and other learning differences. We've highlighted a few of these below.

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Good morning, everyone! We're excited to share a great opportunity for faculty to learn about the strengths and challenges of neurodiverse grad students in STEM fields. This Timely Topics session is open to UConn faculty and will focus on the importance of the advisor/advisee relationship in supporting the success of neurodiverse grad students. ...

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Happy Thursday everyone! Today’s post is featuring Dr. Nancy Doyle, an Occupational Psychologist, professor at the University of London, and founder of neurodiversity program Genius Within, which seeks to coach, train, and assess adults with learning differences to help them navigate the world around them.

Dr. Doyle is very passionate about helping neurodiverse people succeed and excel in the world, working with people in finance, technology, defense, and more; the unemployed and incarcerated as well. She is a strong advocate for neurodiversity inclusion in the workplace. She believes that neurodiverse minds and talents need to be included and cultivated, not suppressed, in order for all of us to maximize our potential while being ourselves.

Visit Dr. Doyle’s website, GeniusWithin.org, here! Passionate about Neurodiversity - Genius Within

Read some of the articles she’s posted here! Nancy Doyle (forbes.com)

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